I want you here with me like how I pictured it so I don’t have to keep imagining…. #harrystyles #onedirection

My friend’s dream

Me, with my friends Ja, Rods, and Kim, attended a music awards night.

When One Direction came, a mixture of excitement, love, joy, and every good thing came rushing through my nerves. It seemed like my heart is going to explode anytime. Without me thinking of it, I shouted and felt the sparks like any directioner in the world who would see the love of their lives for the first time. My friends wanted me to be chill and relax cos it’s a bit humiliating in their part, so they grabbed my arms and pull me back to my chair. The excitement was still in my veins. When they asked the audience, who can Louis’ date be for the night (all of them had their dates except for him), “Me! Me! Me!” I said. But sadly, they said they don’t want to date a fan for that night. Then my friend, Rods, said “I’m a hater! I’m an EXO fan!” lol but they said haters are not allowed. Louis searched the audience then found someone, not-good-looking girl and asked her to date him. Unfortunately, she said yes. I was totally angry, I fought her. I was about to be warned by the security…………….when my friend woke up.

Sunday Service notes : WHAT IS LOVE?

* Marriage is the most important decision a human will make in his life next to his eternal destiny.
* Love is not the foundation for marriage.
* Love does not keep marriage together.
* A successful marriage hinges on the application of knowledge.
* Ignorance is a choice.
* Love can’t be simplified.
* Only AGAPE love makes lasting relationships possible.
* Love is the response to understand the value of a thing.
* Love is a force generated by a decision
* John 13:34-35

Sweet πŸ‘Œβ€#valentines
Sweets 😜
Hi @zaynmalik #selfie #onedirection πŸ˜‚
Messy hair πŸ™†πŸ‘Œ
Good old times.. Greg & Rowley on the wall. Kinda proud and somehow embarrassed with my drawing skills. Haha. πŸ‘Œ #throwback


Profession: DREAM WRITER (aside being a Student)

I started to write my dreams when I was, in my Junior Year I think. I started writing dreams because according to research, it helps to improve the brain. So since then, I write them in a Journal. (I even tried voice recording. Haha) It’s really a fun and enjoying way of gathering your dreams. Yes, there are bad dreams too.. But it’s your choice if you want to read it later on.

Customize and design your journal if that’s what you like. You can also draw and doodle in your journal if that’s what you prefer. Put some stickers, paper or washi tapes, etc. to please your eyes. Highlight special events, like "I MET ONE DIRECTION LIVE! WE TOOK SELFIES… THEY HUGGED ME".. Scenes like that.


Note:Β Write your dreams immediately, because you might forget them in the shower.

So excited for February 1! See you there! πŸ˜‰

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